Pilot House Love - New Flooring


Ophelia finally got some new Pilot House carpeting laid down.  This little project was started about 10 months ago, when we purchased a huge roll of Sea Grass (Calypos Natural with Urethane Backing) along with custom binding (Basketweave Linen Mocha 100').  The hold-up was our installer, who we love, was about a year backed up. We patiently waited for his schedule to clear, as the boat has been a total mess the last two winters, with so much work going on. Worker's boots tracking boatyard dust and sanding debris all thru the salon and pilot house...  With the bulk of the heavy-duty upgrade work on Ophelia behind us, it was good timing for the new flooring.  Biggest problem now is that the salon carpet now MUST be replaced, when comparing to this new seagrass!  Another project for next spring! Time to use the boat!